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With credit card fraud accounting for between two and three percent operators came together to create the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – a set of industry-wide requirements and
processes announced back in 2007.

A decade on, and with so much at stake, you would expect merchants to be taking greater care when handing card payments over the phone. However, many organisations fail to meet the latest PCI DSS requirements introduced in April 2016 through incorrect capture and storage of card data.

The best approach is to exclude call centre agents from the exchange of card information by handing the call to an automated payment system. Sensitive card information is automatically excluded from call recording while payment is in progress.

BDM Voice’s PaymentAssist is a cloud-based service that can be integrated into any contact centre environment to accept sensitive card information entered as DTMF tones and send them on to the merchant’s payment service provider (PSP).

AgentAssist works with the agent to support assisted payments, providing a view of progress during the payment process. SelfAssist is a fully automated self-service system that answers transaction data to the PSP.

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