Call Monitoring


Introducing, Reveal, BDM Voice’s proprietary call monitoring solution.

Despite the staggering volumes of inbound and outbound calls taking place every minute of the working day, many companies continue to overlook the opportunity to actively monitor calls and therefore be able to measure the standard of their call handling.

That’s where BDM Voice’s ‘Reveal’ service comes in. Our unique call monitoring solution is one of the most effective methods to monitor the quality of your call handling (both in and outbound) by measuring individual calls by pre-defined criteria.


Our team of highly-trained call analysts take a selection of calls and provide you with an unbiased and impartial evaluation of your inbound and outbound sales calls against your criteria. This can often be difficult to achieve from within the business due to pre-existing working relationships (and, of course, impossible to do without a call monitoring solution in the first place!)

To help you understand the performance of your business on the telephone and in particular the performance of your call handling staff as a team and on an individual basis, we present you with detailed, statistical and graphical reports illustrating performance at both staff and department level. We’ll even include sample call recordings to help evidence the apparent issues and findings of the report.

The Result?

All of the calls analysed are taken from your genuine recorded sales calls, there are no ‘staged’ mystery shopping style calls. Only calls analysed in the live environment can truly identify both the problems and opportunities. Understanding how your staff deal with the array of unpredictable customer queries and behaviours is paramount to your ability to train and develop your staff and ensure every call stands the best chance of being converted into a sale!

Why BDM Voice?

Our experienced team of ‘Revealers’ will offer you the unbiased and impartial evaluation that your company needs to make informed business decisions in regard to handling sales opportunities via telephone calls.

In the first instance, we work closely with you to better understand the process you expect your staff to follow and can offer guidance on best practice and identify any obvious issues before we even begin. Once we start analysing your calls, we will simply listen to real customer and prospect calls and measure both the ‘process’ and ‘experience’ aspects. You can then expect to receive detailed, monthly reporting that allows you to quickly understand your current performance and identify where you need to be and how to get there, so you’ll be one step closer to achieving your business goals.

Training in real time

One of the best features of call monitoring is the ability to listen to and participate in live phone calls.

Imagine a network of “connected” phone agents who are able to reach out to a colleague for help or advice in the middle of a phone conversation with an important client.

This is precisely what BDM Voice’s call monitoring solution can deliver for you.

What’s more, you will find the option for both, silent and active monitoring which means that if you want to provide training to a new colleague whilst another team member is in the midst of a support phone call, that is easy to do with the silent monitoring option. Or, if one of your team members is dealing with an issue that requires escalation and they need you to get involved that is possible too all in just a few clicks.

Better results through qualitative data

Another way you will find call monitoring of immense help is to provide bespoke training to a particular team member who you know needs to improve in a certain area of support. For example, the colleague in question isn’t great at handling requests for customer refunds and too often ends up issuing a credit note even when one wasn’t warranted.

Now, imagine being able to first, silently monitor the call from the beginning and then jump in to explain to the customer how a refund request may not be appropriate and instead, amicably agreeing to offer a small discount for a future purchase instead.

Situations such as these can be extremely helpful in improving performance and delivering better customer service on an individual or group level.

If you’re in the business of providing tech support or support of any kind over the phone, you will know how effective a few “problem” calls can be in training new recruits. No amount of theory in guides and manuals can equip your team members in delivering customer service that real-world data i.e. actual phone conversations can. With Reveal, BDM Voice’s proprietary call monitoring solution we think you might soon find yourself getting rid of most of your manuals and training material in favour of providing training via live phone calls.

Need To Record Your Calls?

BDM Voice also offers a number of market-leading call recording and call tracking solutions to enable you to record both inbound and outbound calls. If you’re interested in learning more about our Insight and insight:onsite products then please view our call recording solutions.

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