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A call recording system or call recording software is an often forgotten, yet extremely valuable tool for gaining a deeper insight into how your company is handling inbound and outbound calls. We can record calls on your existing system or provide a new system with call recording already installed.

We’ve helped our diverse client-base utilise call recording technology for numerous reasons, but in our many years of experience we’ve found there to be a number of recurring themes:

Reasons to use a Call Recording in your Business:

  • To ensure that your internal business processes are being followed.
  • To ensure that your expected standard of quality is being consistently met.
  • To assist with both training and developing the telephone handling skills of your staff.
  • To ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • To aid in dispute resolution.

Our call recording Solutions

Whatever your motive for wanting to implement call recording, BDM Voice has a solution to meet the specific requirements of your organisation through our two distinct call recording systems – Insight & insight:onsite.


Insight from BDM is a hosted (cloud-based) inbound call recording system that can interface with any existing telephony system with no need for any additional hardware or software. The cost effective solution to business call recording. With 24/7 access via our online portal, you’ll have access to your recordings at all times from any location!


insight:onsite is BDM Voice’s premier, inbound and outbound call recording system. With insight:onsite the hardware (server) is directly installed at your premises by our highly-trained engineers and is perfect for organisations that require all of their calls to be recorded for regulatory reasons. Once installed, your insight:onsite call recording server can record and store approximately 80,000 hours of both inbound and outbound calls to your specified direct dials. What’s more, you can also listen to live telephone calls as they’re in progress!

Why our call recorder software?

With both Insight & insight:onsite you can expect to find useful features and tools in abundance. Both solutions allow for secure, quick and easy retrieval of your call recordings. Our intuitive, reliable and easily accessible systems make them simple for your staff to not only use, but leverage the full range of benefits.

With high volume capacity and easy access for multiple users via a web browser, you can download and save calls to be used as training examples or flag and save contentious calls to be analysed and dealt with accordingly. Individual user access can also be configured, allowing specific users to only see information and recordings relevant to them.

Boasting in-depth reporting capabilities, which allow you to report on activity, ring times, peak call times and missed calls, reports and call data can be exported directly to Excel – allowing you to interpret your data in a way that suits you. You can even email recordings to a nominated list of recipients and we can even let you know when you miss a call (by email or by SMS message).

Call recording system helps deliver better customer service

No matter what line of work you’re in, ultimately it all comes down to the people, both, those who are running the business and those being served by it.

Every business wants to differentiate itself but in reality, very few businesses have any tangible USP. And, this is precisely where a call recording system can help you gain one by allowing you to deliver customer service better than your competitors.

BDM Voice’s call recording system keeps a track of all your calls and allows you to add comments and notes on each call. This can be an invaluable tool as you don’t have to go over whatever it is that you’re discussing with your customers each time a new employee from your company speaks to them.

The notes can be accessed by whoever you choose from your company, which means you can have other team members present ways to improve a process or resolve an issue.

Use your Call Records for training

No amount of theory can replace the benefits and effectiveness of real-world experience and without call recording in place, you’re somewhat starting from scratch each time. Think about it: say, you’re a CRM software firm and one of your colleagues has spent the last 90 mins of support time over a phone call with a newbie client who was facing a very unique issue that needed fixing.

The colleague in question delivered flawlessly, displaying patience and calm at several points during the call, which at times felt like déjà vu due to the client’s unfamiliarity with your software and tech in general.

The client was in fact so satisfied with the service she received that she left a glowing review for your company on a couple of websites, which are regularly looked at by consumers before making their choice.

Without call recording in place, you wouldn’t be able to leverage on this experience all that much and new training managers may not be able to use this in their training material in any way.

On the other hand, if the entire conversation was captured via a call recording solution, this could be used repeatedly as a way to deliver exceptional customer service and make new recruits much better equipped to answer and provide support upon similar calls in the future.


With our high quality solutions you can expect superior quality on-going technical support as standard. Our experienced, and most importantly, helpful team of troubleshooters, engineers and account managers will ensure that any and all of your support tickets are dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner first time, every time.

Call Monitoring

We appreciate that recording calls is often only the start of the journey to improving call handling. We both know that a poorly handled call can be the difference between yet another lost lead and a sale.

That’s why we offer bespoke business support to help you analyse your calls too. Our team can not only help to pinpoint issues, generate and implement standard processes, train and develop your staff, but also highlight and commend exceptional call handling that might otherwise go unnoticed. Interested? Read more about our Call Monitoring.

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