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Call tracking system

Marketing. We all know how important it is to generate inbound sales but are you accurately measuring its effectiveness? Both your online and offline marketing activities are likely to be generating a considerable number of inbound sales calls but can you confidently say which marketing material is working and which isn’t?


Our free marketing tracking telephone numbers do just that. A call tracking system can provide you with dedicated numbers for use on both your online and offline marketing collateral including your website, email campaigns, PPC adverts, print, direct mail and point of sale. Available on local, national and non-geographic telephone numbers, BDM Voice’s call tracking system can supply you with powerful data to help you determine which media source is driving consumer response, allowing you to make informed decisions on your marketing strategy and spend.

Call tracking can also provide you with specific details on every single call to your dedicated marketing numbers. Our trend data report will show the number of calls you’ve received to each of your marketing numbers over the past 6 weeks and other useful information such as start time, end time, call duration, caller’s number and location. This is also provided graphically to help you better interpret the data.

We can even set up clever out of hours routing, geographical distribution and automated call handling via auto attendants (virtual receptionists) to better handle and direct your calls to the right person whilst ensuring it’s always tracked and accounted for. We can provide a full range of geographic (01, 02 and international numbers) and non-geographic (0300, 0843, 0844 & 0871), free phone and premium rate numbers. In a matter of minutes, we can add new numbers to your account.

Why Choose BDM-Voice?

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t charge a line rental for our marketing numbers, they are set up and maintained by our team completely free of charge. We only charge for the traffic running through the numbers which is paid for by either yourself or the customer, depending on which type of number you choose to offer.

Similarly, there is no need for you to upgrade your existing equipment or invest in any additional hardware or software. Our call tracking can interface with ANY telephone system, meaning that there is never any issues with compatibility and it also makes our solution extremely cost effective.

What’s more, we also offer an incredible level of reporting as standard including trend data, dial through graphs, geographic origination, inbound data, landline v mobile data, outbound data, media graphs, dial through data, online v offline data and so much more. You don’t have to look for the information, we automatically send you a fresh email report every Monday morning so you’ll have everything you need to drive your upcoming week’s campaigns and maximise your marketing budget.

Need to also record your calls?

At BDM Voice, we also offer a range of call recording systems solutions to enable you to record both inbound and outbound telephone calls. If you’re interested to learn more about our call recording options then please read more about our Insight and insight:onsite products.

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