Choosing your internet connection – Broadband or Direct Internet Access?

Most businesses now rely heavily on fast internet connections for accessing cloud applications, conferencing, VoIP, VPN, file sharing, email and more. Having a reliable internet service is essential to business’ performance and continuity.


BDM Voice offers a range of next-generation connection options to suit your budget, business objectives, up-time requirements and location – no matter how large or small the business. We offer connections that support both data and voice requirements (VoIP), delivering significant cost savings and high-quality service.


Why not let us help you choose the best service for your business?


A shared public line, Broadband, is delivered from the exchange to a nearby cabinet and then into your building on a traditional copper line. This line may be serving many homes or businesses along the way. Speed and quality are determined by the ISP’s network traffic and congestion, which can vary greatly depending on the location or time of day.

Some locations are limited to a more traditional ADSL Broadband service, with download speeds of up to 17Mbps and upload speeds only reaching a maximum of 2.5Mbps. While most now have capacity for Fibre Broadband – also known as Fibre to the Cabinet, or FTTC – with download speeds of up to 76Mbps (often rounded-up to 80Mbps in the media) and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps (often rounded-up to 20Mbps).

Our broadband line solutions are geared specifically towards businesses and all come with UK-based support teams.

Leased Line - DIA

Your own private data connection, The Direct Internet Access (DIA), is delivered directly from your local exchange to your business’ communications room, and is exclusive to your business – not diluted by other users.

We offer multiple DIA services, determined by your data requirements, your location in relation to the exchange and how they are technically delivered. All come with robust Service Level Agreements (SLA) focused on performance and availability.

Ethernet Fibre

Uses end-to-end fibre optic connections and delivers symmetric download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps. The service is provided on a bespoke basis.

It is ideal for medium and large businesses, whether single or multi-site, with heavy data usage, such as in-house hosting, video conferencing and large file transfer.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

Uses fibre optic connection in the first mile to your business, before delivery via multiple copper lines for load-balancing and resilience. This delivers download and upload speeds of up to 35Mbps. At a lower cost and faster implementation than Fibre Ethernet, EFM is a perfect solution for small to medium size businesses, or businesses that cannot logistically be served with Ethernet Fibre.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Some geographical areas already have an ethernet fibre infrastructure provided to their premises, which means a business can enjoy the benefits of Ethernet Fibre at lower cost – because it doesn’t have to be created for you. This service is still limited in availability, but expanding all the time.

Once connected, the service is still private to you, and benefits from similar SLAs.

To see the benefits of DIA, please read the article.

Data and Voice

With technology advancing rapidly, VoIP telephone services now allow you to make low cost (sometimes free!), faster and more reliable calls over the internet. Our specialised Converged services will prioritise calls over regular internet traffic, ensuring your calls are always smooth (even when your colleague is uploading that large file). VoIP also allows you to record, monitor and track your calls.

If your current business connection provider satisfies your internet needs but struggles with VoIP, our Assured Broadband can help. Assured was designed specifically for VoIP, and makes sure your VoIP can run well regardless of your existing internet speed.

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