Interactive Touch-Screens

The advancement of technology is breathtaking and its implication on business and operational practices profound.

One of the key benefits of technology is as an enabler, it enables businesses to operate more efficiently, more effectively with greater collaboration and to elevate the advantages of collective thinking.

Interactive touch-screens have proved to be an amazing tool in delivering these amazing benefits.

BDM Voice has worked with Avocor to help our clients realise these powerful benefits in many settings, including education, local government and SME’s.

We selected Avocor because whilst it represents great value, it’s a quality product with leading functionality and with significant ongoing product development.

All of the products will work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other conferencing facilities.

Our primary products are:

  • WSI screen – ideal for huddle rooms, small meeting rooms and home offices
  • E series – ideal for educational environments including schools, colleges and universities
  • F series – focused on the office workspace with a sleek looking screen which works with all leading IT technologies.

Here is a bit more about our offerings:


These are great for small meeting rooms and home working. They are fully integrated and rich in functionality. Two key verbs to describe the WSI are ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Performance’.

The all-in-one AVW-5555 has an integrated high-quality camera and microphone to match the quality and functionality of the premium screen.

This Microsoft certified system is available in an up to a 65-inch screen and works with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

E series

Optimised for educational environments from schools and colleges to universities, this LED bonded glass screen oozes simplicity. The operation of the screen will be very familiar to anyone who operates a smart phone with simple features such as swiping left with your hand or writing with your finger. Erasing simply by using the back of your hand.

F series

Innovative, agnostic, unique are the words that encompass this feature rich collaboration conduit. The interactive screen is available in up to 85inch screens and incorporates the latest in touch-screen technology.

The presentation of the next generation touch technology is sleek, light weight and beautiful and it offers seamless integration with unified communications.

Designed for corporate and governmental environments, this intuitive touch sensitive technology offers a pixel-perfect experience.

The latest ‘In-Glass’ technology produces ultra-fast touch performance which makes its operation as realistic as a pen touching paper.

Swipe left with your hand, write with your figure and erase with the back of your hand, its as simple as operating your smart phone.

Working with all of the web conference portals this business tool will become central to your collaborative working.

Book a Demonstration

All of our interactive screens are available for demonstration, please complete the contact form below or call us on 0333 202 9897 for more details and for your demonstration

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