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The cost of lost time, disruption and interruption to a business that a single PC not functioning, can be immense.
Imagine not just one person decommissioned by the computer issue but a developing entourage of well-intended colleagues all attempting to assist.


This is all completely unnecessary. For a small monthly fee our experienced support desk will be on hand to remotely take control of the offending PC and deal with the issue, swiftly and efficiently resolving the problem, avoiding downtime and maximizing the capacity for higher levels of productivity.

We’ve helped our diverse client-base utilise call recording technology for numerous reasons, but in our many years of experience we’ve found there to be a number of recurring themes:

On-site support

Where appropriate our skilled engineers will be deployed to your business to deal with specific issues and requirements.

This might include:

  • Hardware issues
  • Replacing components.

As a result of our constant remote monitoring, we are able to act in a proactive and preventative manner to ensure that your technology can operate in a reliable and predictable manner.

Special Projects

The very nature of business determines that individual circumstances may arise, whether its moving premises, re-arranging offices or changing technology infrastructure in ways such as moving from or to the cloud. Irrespective of your business needs we are able to asses and quote on dealing with your business requirements.

Cyber security

Cyber security has never been more important, cyber criminals are smart, devious and brutal in their activities and its essential that you stay one step ahead.
Multi layering of cyber security measures is essential to achieve the objective of being ahead of the threat. We will work with you to design and implement a solution which will relevant appropriate.

Disaster recovery and Business continuity

Once upon a time it would have been inconceivable that the world would be closed down by a microscopic life…COVID 19 changed that and it changed our lives and views.

Fire, flood, break-ins and weather all present potential threats to continuing to run a business.

Disaster recovery is the key to business continuity. Magic words but what do they mean?

Some of the considerations that we will work through with you are:

  • Your attitude to home and /or multi-site working
  • How your data should be stored.
  • The volume of data to be stored.
  • The sensitivity of the data.

Whatever your individual circumstances we will be able to engineer a solution that is appropriate to your business.

We would like to keep in contact with you in the future. Please don't worry we never sell or swap your personal information with any other business.

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