Marketing Telephone Numbers

Have you ever wondered where your sales enquiries are originating from or more importantly how effective your sales team are at converting the enquiry into a sale?
This is a problem faced by many businesses and the results that marketing inbound numbers offer can be quite enlightening.

We’ve helped our diverse client-base utilise call recording technology for numerous reasons, but in our many years of experience we’ve found there to be a number of recurring themes:

Some of the benefits of marketing inbound telephone numbers will be:

  • Allows you to know where your incoming calls are from; both geographically and by media source.

  • Enables you to understand how good you are at answering inbound calls, routing enquiries and how effectively you deal with these enquires, using the reporting tool.

Not only do BDM Voice supply marketing inbound telephone number, but using our Call Recording software, every call to a marketing inbound number can be voice recording and then emailed to you as an audio file within seconds of the end of the call.

Additionally, we can provide an online web portal for to search for all inbound calls through our Insight platform. Providing independent call critiquing which is all rather like ‘real life’ mystery shopping.

We offer a wide-range of marketing inbound telephone numbers that will enhance your business profile and make your marketing campaigns more memorable and measurable.

  • Why not increase your inbound calls by having a telephone number that is free for your customers to call using an 0800-telephone number?
• Be more competitive in regional locations by using a virtual number, providing you a local number across over 500 UK towns and cities.
• A low call rate telephone number that starts 03 is a proven and trusted telephone number for any national company, offering a low-call cost to a memorable number.
• Choosing a 084 number are ideal for professional support services, customer guidance teams and technical support. Generating call revenue to offset customer support service costs for your business. 

Choose your perfect telephone number

• Freephone – 0800 numbers
• Virtual – 01/ 02 numbers
• Business numbers – 03 numbers
• Not for profit – 0300 numbers
• Rebate numbers – 0845/ 0844/ 0843 numbers
• High rebate numbers – 0870/ 0871 numbers

BDM Voice can provide your business with a whole range of marketing telephone numbers for an extremely competitive and low cost.
To find out more about which marketing inbound telephone numbers is best for your business, simply contact our friendly customer service team.

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