On-hold Marketing

Professional and bespoke on-hold music and messages to help you grow

First impressions count! A telephone call may be the first experience your customer has with your business, so make a great impression with a professional and personalised on-hold marketing package.

It is likely that if you have been placed on hold, one minute can seem like a lifetime. Many of us get frustrated, hang up and don’t call back. This is why on-hold marketing can be a great tool to keep callers engaged and on the phone.

Whether it’s when being transferred through to someone else, or simply waiting for the correct person to become available, being on hold presents a marketing window of opportunity to sell additional products and services, enhance your branding efforts, offer a more professional image or provide helpful information.

BDM’s Voice on-hold marketing offers:

  • Welcome messages -introduce your business and represent it in a positive, and professional manner
  • Call menu option – ensure that your callers are directed to where they need to be quickly
  • On hold messages – promote your business and brand
  • On hold music – an extensive library of royalty-free music, different styles and genres
  • Voiceovers – choice of female and male with a wide range of styles
  • Out-of-hours message – when your business is closed, why not let them know when you will be open and suggest a website visit?
  • Script writing – several different script ideas to help you create your bespoke messages

Why BDM Voice for your on-hold marketing?

We offer:
• Competitive pricing
• Flexible managed services
• One-off productions or seasonal updates
• Bespoke service

Visit our production page to find examples of music, voiceovers and scripts. You can order your own bespoke messages, ask us to create it for you or contact us for a collaborative effort!

Other BDM's telephony services

Call Analysis

Our experienced team will offer you the unbiased and impartial evaluation that your company needs to make informed business decisions in regard to handling sales opportunities via telephone calls. 

In the first instance, we work closely with you to better understand the process you expect your staff to follow and can offer guidance on best practice and identify any obvious issues before we even begin. Once we start analysing your calls, we will simply listen to real customer and prospect calls and measure both the ‘process’ and ‘experience’ aspects. You can then expect to receive detailed, monthly reporting that allows you to quickly understand your current performance and identify where you need to be and how to get there, so you’ll be one step closer to achieving your business goals.

Call monitoring - Training in real time

One of the best features of call monitoring is the ability to listen to and participate in live phone calls.

Imagine a network of “connected” phone agents who are able to reach out to a colleague for help or advice in the middle of a phone conversation with an important client.

This is precisely what BDM Voice’s call monitoring solution can deliver for you.

What’s more, you will find the option for both, silent and active monitoring, which means that if you want to provide training to a new colleague whilst another team member is in the midst of a support phone call, that is easy to do with the silent monitoring option. Or, if one of your team members is dealing with an issue that requires escalation and they need you to get involved that is possible too all in just a few clicks.

Call Recording

BDM Voice also offers a number of market-leading call recording and call tracking solutions to enable you to record both inbound and outbound calls. If you’re interested in learning more about our Insight and insight:onsite products then please view our call recording solutions.

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