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The workplace has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. Businesses need solutions that enable employees to be as productive and collaborate with customers and colleagues seamlessly. Whether they’re working in the office or remotely either at home or on-the-go.

Microsoft Teams is the UCC platform from Microsoft. Part of Office 365, it supersedes Skype for Business. The number of daily users surpassed 115 million in October 2020, up 53% from April 2020. Demand shows no sign of abating as business continue to adopt and adapt to more flexible working practises.

Microsoft Teams brings together meetings, collaboration, calls, chats, app integration and file storage into one single interface. Often described as a “central hub for teamwork” MS Teams is designed to help streamline the way we now need to work.

Some common challenges when using Microsoft Teams

Crowding Around A Device

Background Noise

Camera Angles

Joining A Meeting

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To realise the true potential of the Microsoft Teams platform, ensuring your business utilises the best product solutions for your individual needs, you need a product that delivers:

Certified by Microsoft

  • all products are approved and endorsed for MS Teams

Plug and play connectivity

  • works out of the box with no time wasted on set-up

Dedicated Teams button

  • instant and simply access to Teams features and functions

Exceptional audio & video

  • high quality sound and vision guaranteed for everyone

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Shared and personal workspaces are prevalent in organisations today. Whether you are a desk-based employee who works from home or from an office, or a combination of the two. Maybe an on-the-go professional who needs a mobile solution for wherever your day takes you. Or you have a need for socially distanced working and meeting in huddle rooms to larger meeting rooms.

BDM Voice have a broad range of product options, all of which are certified by Microsoft for MS Teams. To see which products are best for your business click the buttons below or download our Conferencing Solutions brochure.

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