Crowding around a device

A common challenge when using Microsoft Teams for video meetings?


Video meetings and collaboration is now an essential everyday tool for any business. But what are some of the common issues and challenges we all experience?

Background noise? Audio problems? Camera angles? Joining remote meetings?

Maybe you are back working with a team and colleagues and you have the common challenge of crowding around a laptop, all trying to squeeze into the narrow camera angle?

Crowding around a laptop or a desktop all vying to get into the limited shallow camera angle is a common challenge when on a video conference call. So what if there was a product that offered an intelligent HD camera that automatically pans and zooms to frame everyone perfectly every time?

Here at BDM Voice, we provide solutions to these problems. Whether you are working from home, back in the office or a combination of the two. We offer a full range of certified Microsoft Teams products and services that enhance and ensure that your video conference calls are of the highest quality, resolving all of these common challenges.

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