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Choosing a Business Phone System

With so many options to choose from, finding the right telephone system for your business can be overwhelming. If you’ve got time, read on to learn about different options. If you don’t, get in touch and our specialists will figure it out for you.

BDM offers several different approaches to telephony, depending on your company size, usage, remote working practice, number of sites, and the particular needs of your business.


On-premise telephone systems can also be known as an IP-PBX phone system. It is similar to a traditional PBX system that resides at a location on-site. The main difference is that IP routing is done with more current technology. The signalling is done with an IP phone to the IP-PBX server using a Local Area Network (LAN). On-premise solutions are especially good for business that have more complex needs and are used by SME's right up to large enterprise businesses, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Contact Centres and Estate Agency's.


In simple terms a hosted telephone system is one that sits in a data centre (often referred to as the Cloud) rather than at your premises. Hosted telephony means you only need handsets to make it work, removing expensive long term on-site maintenance. Extensions are easily managed through a web portal. Hosted solution provides best value for money, especially for businesses with multiple sites.

SIP Trunks

SIP (stands for Session Initiated Protocol) trunks provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network, set to be switched off completely in 2025). SIP trunks connect your PBX to the internet, allowing your business to reap the many benefits, such as free calls*, flexibility, and disaster recovery.

Lines & Calls

Although most businesses are moving away from analogue PSTN and digital ISDN lines in favour of internet-based telephony, some businesses may choose to go with traditional telephony. With our fantastic rates on calls and line rentals, online billing platform, and dedicated account management, your telephony requirements will be met with the highest quality equipment and support.

Easily track the success of your various marketing efforts, by assigning a free tracking phone number to each campaign you do. That way, it will be evident whether the call came through as a result of your email campaign or the ad in the paper. These numbers are available as geographic (01,02), non-geographic (0300, 0843, 0844, 0871), free phone and premium rate numbers.

While some businesses are required by their regulators to record all of their calls, others choose to do it for training, monitoring, or dispute resolution purposes. BDM call recording solutions are reliable, intuitive, and easily accessible through a web portal. In addition, they come equipped with in-depth reporting giving you an insight into activity, peak call times and missed calls, reports, and call data.

On-hold marketing

On-hold marketing is an exceptionally easy and low cost way to tell existing customers about all of your services or any new products you may be launching. Given that over 70% of inbound calls to business end up on hold then what better way to reach them with new messages. BDM on-hold marketing is simple and cost effective to install but can make a big impact!

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