Choosing a Business Phone System

With so many options to choose from, finding the right telephone system for your business can be overwhelming. If you have time, read on to learn about different options. If not, get in touch and our specialists will work with you to find a suitable solution that meets your needs.

BDM offers a different approach to telephony. Dependent on your specific business needs, including company size, location, remote working practices, number of sites and available network connections, we will advise of the most suitable solution that meets these needs.

Call 0330 159 4000 or email info@bdm-voice.co.uk for a free, no obligation review of your telecommunication needs.

Telephone Systems – Hosted VoIP

In simple terms a hosted telephone system is one that sits in a data network, or cloud, rather than your premises.

Sometimes called Cloud Telephony, IP Telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Hosted Telephony simply connects to a data network so requires less hardware. You can still have a familiar desktop handset, or you may prefer to use a desktop PC with a headset, or just a smartphone device – or sometimes a combination of all three!

Maintenance costs are reduced, and system management is faster and easier. Hosted is generally more flexible than an on-premises solution, and is bespoke to user-level. It is popular with businesses with multiple locations, those that have a greater ratio of remote working, or where regular re-location of the business is likely.

Telephone Systems - On Premise

In some cases, an on-premises telephone system – or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) – remains the most appropriate solution. As the name suggests, it is a set of equipment located within your business premises. Multiple calls are managed by the system and routed according to the network service through which it connects to the outside world. A telephone system can be extremely flexible to your needs, and sometimes the most cost-effective, too. On-premise telephone systems are popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from SME to Enterprise in a wide variety of sectors, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Contact Centres and Estate Agencies. 

Lines & Calls

While many businesses are moving away from traditional (and expensive) analogue PSTN and digital ISDN lines in favour of internet-based telephony, some choose to remain with traditional telephony, and others are bound by circumstances that necessitate these network connections for their on-premises telephone systems. For as long as you use traditional telephone lines, we will offer fantastic rates on calls and line rentals, provide an online billing platform, and dedicated account management. These lines will be phased-out by 2025, so now is the time to explore the alternatives – either Hosted or SIP Trunks, and we will help you towards the most suitable – and timely – migration to meet your needs.

SIP Trunks

Used in on-premises solutions, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks are the ‘next generation’ alternative to traditional analogue PSTN or digital ISDN lines. Many businesses have already migrated to these connections for cost-saving reasons or in preparation for the ‘digital switch-off’ (due by 2025). Your telephone system will need to be IP-capable, but the cost of upgrade or replacement is usually off-set by the savings that can be made against traditional landlines. SIP Trunks not only provide cost savings, they are also more manageable, more flexible and open-up many avenues for robust disaster recovery solutions. 

Conferencing saves money on travel expenses, venue costs and refreshments needed for a face-to-face meeting. Businesses become more efficient, with conferences possible in minutes, with minimal planning. Carbon footprint is reduced, with far fewer miles travelled to meet in a single location.

We can offer simple-to-use conference facilities embedded into either an on-premises system, in the cloud, or even in your mobile device, that allows you to bring several parties to a meeting.

Whatever your needs, we can deliver! A choice of networks, SIM-only or with devices. We can also advise as to the optimum solution to integrate with your fixed-line services, so wherever you are, you’ll never miss a call. Please ask us for a quote.

Call Management

Inbound Solutions / Call Tracking

Understanding your inbound call traffic is vital to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, the impact upon specific target markets, or to help determine where to deploy greater business resources. We can assign geographic (01 or 02) numbers to your inbound lines to evaluate where your message has been best received, or non-geographic numbers (03, 08) if you prefer to target your business beyond your own locality. Read more about our Telephone System Call Tracking.

Call Monitoring

Consistent delivery of a business’s message or maintaining standards of service is essential to achieving success. But with resources often tight, who monitors your employees telephone manner? Perhaps a member of your staff is having difficulties in achieving their objectives. We offer a call monitoring service – ‘Reveal’ – that will take care of this important task. Read more about Reveal.

On-Hold Marketing

Having a personalised ‘on-hold marketing’ phone message is a great way to sell additional products and services, enhance your branding efforts, offer a more professional image or provide helpful information to your callers. You may already have one but is it doing enough to promote your business?

According to a recent survey:

  • 70% of all business callers are put on hold
  • 88% of all callers surveyed preferred message recordings to radio or silence
  • 60% of all callers left unattended hang up

(read more about On-hold Marketing  or visit our production page to try some examples)

Can you record and play back your Microsoft Teams calls?

More and more organizations are turning to MS Teams as the ideal solution for both outbound and internal communication. Capture all your conversations with Clarify Recording for MS Teams, including internal and external calls, video conferencing, screen-sharing and chat. Every single file is encrypted, securely stored, and easy to find for analysis, training and compliance purposes. Clarify compliance recording works tirelessly in the background to help keep your business safe and your customers happy. To find out more contact one of our friendly customer service team.

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